Quick tip: Put those shiftless subheads to work

I’m too busy helping companies with their Working Mother submissions to write a full blog post.

But here’s a tip for today.

Make your Working Mother and NAFE essays easier to digest by incorporating subheads—without wasting valuable words.

Get lazy, pointless subheads to work for you.

Turn them into a part of your message. For instance, instead of having headings like “Parental Leave,” and “Mentoring Programs,” try heading sections with “We Offer xx Weeks of Parental Leave” and “xx Women Participate in Mentoring.” You’ve just freed up room for four extra words somewhere else, where—who knows?–they might make all the difference.

I may be busy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help. Have a question about your Working Mother submission? Call me at 718-628-4753.

3 thoughts on “Quick tip: Put those shiftless subheads to work

  1. Great idea! I tend to have mindless subheads in my corporate work — somebody once told me their sole use was to break up the gray space in a story. But you are right…a few extra words might just give the subhead more punch. Thanks.

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