Do You Have What It Takes to Get on a “Best Company” List?

From Working Mother to Fortune to the hundreds of regional, industry-based, or topic-specific lists each year, getting onto a “best place to work” list is a true accomplishment.  Even more important, getting onto one of these lists can make a huge difference for your organization. It can improve employee morale, engagement and retention. It can vastly expand your pool of applicants. It can attract good publicity and loyal customers.

If you’re in charge of human resources, diversity or work-life programs at your company, getting onto one of these lists can have great benefits for you, too. It can spotlight the programs you’re trying to promote. It can build support among leadership and grow awareness and usage among employees. And of course, it can be a big boost to your own career.

But getting on one of these lists takes more than good programs and policies.

You need to know how to showcase what your company’s got. How will you gather all the information? What should you emphasize—and what should you downplay? How do you deal with policies that only apply to some employees? How do you convey the subtleties of your culture? How do you fit everything you want to say into the limited space provided? The plain fact is…

…you can’t get on the list if you can’t tell your story.

I’ve helped companies with “best employer” applications for over a dozen years—I know a lot about the process. I’ve also had more than 25 years’ experience with the work-life field—I have a nuanced understanding of what matters. And I’m an award-winning writer—I know exactly how to get your point across.

Each year, I help companies get on Working Mother and other “great place to work” lists by doing everything from consulting on the process to writing the submission. My clients include huge multi-national companies and small, regional not-for-profits. But big or small, they all report they’re thrilled with my content expertise, thorough attention to detail and completely customized approach.

Call me today at 718-628-4753 to discuss how I can help you tell your company’s story.

Robin Hardman Communications has produced winning entries for Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For,” Working Mother’s “Working Mother 100 Best Companies,”  Entrepreneur’s “Best Medium-Sized Companies to Work For,” the National Association of Female Executives’ “Top Companies for Executive Women,” Accounting Today’s “Best Accounting Firms to Work For,” Outside magazine’s “Best Places to Work,”  Aurora’s “50 Best Companies for Women in the UK,” and numerous individual leadership awards and recognitions.

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