You knew this, right?

I got an email yesterday from Kristin Willoughby, Senior Manager, Editorial and Research Initiatives at the Working Mother Research Institute and—as anyone who’s ever gone through the Working Mother application process knows—all-round incredibly helpful resource.  She was alerting me to a mistake on my website (and no doubt in some blog posts here, too): it’s not the “Best Companies for Working Mothers list,” it’s the “Working Mother 100 Best Companies” list.

What’s the difference, you ask?

Well, as Kristen puts it, “this survey is dedicated to finding companies who are the best at family-friendly policies that benefit everyone, not just moms.”  That, of course, is an important distinction. For the record, I did know this, and my first thought was, “isn’t that great—they’ve finally changed their name to reflect the facts.” But it turns out that I’m not just recently wrong, I’ve always been wrong. On following up with Kristen, I discovered the name for this recognition has always been essentially the same—and has never involved working mothers. Apparently, it was writers for other publications who dubbed it the “best companies for working mothers” list.

I’ll be fixing my website as soon as I can tear a few minutes away from the work I’m doing helping some clients with their “Working Mother 100 Best Companies”submissions. In the meantime, just remember, while moms are swell, it’s about supporting the personal lives of all your employees.


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