About Me

I’m Robin Hardman, owner of Robin Hardman Communications, and I help companies of all sizes win recognition as great places to work by helping them put together the best possible “best place to work” submissions—from Working Mother to Fortune to all the smaller ones in between. When I’m not doing that, I’m helping companies communicate to their employees with compelling and easy-to-read benefits, HR, and general-topic employee communications.

Here’s how I do what I do:

  • I really know how to write. I was the kind of geeky kid who borrowed the full allotment of ten library books at a time and read them all. When I ran out of library books, I’d grab whatever was sitting nearby and read that: my father’s science fiction, Newsweeks and Wall Street Journals; my mother’s early childhood education books; my brother’s Beatles Songbook. Not surprisingly, I aced my school writing assignments. I was headed for a future as an English major. Today, in addition to my work helping companies with their work-life-related communications, I publish this award-winning blog featuring writing tips for internal communications professionals.
  • I’m easy-going and flexible, winning praise from my clients for my ability to remain calm in the face of stress and customize my work completely to the specific needs of the client or project.
  • I know a tremendous amount about work-life, benefits, and other human resource, employee engagement and diversity-related topics. That’s because my first real job (after a stint as a news photographer, which also taught me a lot of useful skills) was working at a place called Work/Family Directions. Work/Family Directions (now WFD) was the company formed to help IBM develop the very first nationwide corporate child care resource and referral service. I quite literally sat at the table (at lunch each day) with the people who were inventing the field of work-life. I went on to build the department that created work-life related communications for employees of dozens of national and global corporations. Seven years later, I left to join Families and Work Institute, the research firm that corporate leaders and academics alike look to for solid, accurate data about…well, families and work.

    Seven years after that I left to find my own work-life balance—and to found Robin Hardman Communications. With this move, I combined my writing and editing skills, my people-skills and my vast knowledge of content to provide a unique service: writing “best place to work” submissions for companies large and small—as well as a wide range of other work-life, benefits and related communications.

But that’s not all. Because I’m an excellent writer, I’m often asked to go beyond my chosen content area to write any number of other things my clients need. For example:

• I’ve written articles for employee newsletters on topics as far-ranging as the development of a new product or the proceedings of a high-level meeting.
• I’ve ghosted letters, memos and presentations from senior leaders.
• I’ve written brochures, newsletters and web content for small businesses and non-profits.
• I’ve even helped job hunters craft their cover letters and resumes.

Want to know more? See samples of my work, learn about my clients, hear what they have to say and contact me on my website. 

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